Blackjack AK SWIFT Lever Fit and Trim Guide

WARNING: Improperly installed or adjusted safety levers can cause accidental firearm discharge and could result in serious injury or death! If you are not comfortable or sure how to remove or install the safety lever you should have a qualified gunsmith perform this for you.

Disclaimer: All users (you) of these products assume total and all risks, responsibility, and liability for the installation and use of these products. No warranty is offered, expressed, or implied for anything other than the material and workmanship of these products.

  1. Verify firearm is unloaded
  2. Remove receiver cover, recoil spring and old safety lever
  3. Reinstall new SWIFT safety lever
  4. Depending on the type of disconnector in your AK, the new SWIFT lever may or may not be able to be installed without removing the trigger group. If your disconnector still has the rear tab, the safety tab may hit the disconnector and not rotate down and lock into place. There are 2 methods to over come this:
    • Grind off the disconnector tab, it is only used for select fire FCG's; or
    • Grind or file off about 1/8" from left half the section of the safety tab that is hitting the disconnector and preventing the safety lever from rotating down into place. CAUTION: Unless it is absolutely necessary for clearance purposes do not remove ANY of the safety tab that stops the trigger movement when the safety is ‘on’!  A good clearance between the block tab and the trigger when the safety is ‘on’ would be about 1/16" or the equivalent of about 4 business cards.
  5. Verify that the safety lever does stop the trigger from releasing the hammer when the safety is “on” and that the lever freely moves up and down.

Notched Lever trimming (f or notched levers)

Some bolt carriers, depending on the contour of the leading edge of the charging handle may require a bit of reshaping if the bolt carrier has a tendency to pop out of the notch if the gun is jarred or bumped. This is best accomplished with the use of a small flat file. The leading edge of the charging handle that is held by the notch should be flat (not rounded) and have a slight rearward incline that will mate up to the incline of the notch.

To adjust (reduce) the tension of the lever to allow easier operation, pull out on the lever slightly to remove some of the built in spring action. If the lever is too loose bend the lever back in slightly.

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