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BJB CETME Internal Replacement
[114 / BJB CETME]


This very good product I have had one since it came out and it dropped right in and works like a charm!

If you need to replace you aging buffer this is the way to go, and does not damage the weapon like the other one have done.

Taking the buffer housing apart can be kinda hard but a clever tool was designed by a CETME Forum member here is his instructions.

I used a 5/8 castle nut. I used a piece from the end of a LARGE mending plate I had kicking around for the bar part. I pressed it into the castlations on the nut, then cut it off so it was only about 1/4 inch taller than the nut face. A bit of dressing it up with a file insured that it fit the slots in the back of the buffer and was flush with the sides of the nut.

I locked the plate of the buffer assembly in a bench vise, then set the new tool into the slots. This let me put a 7/8 deep well socket over the whole assembly and use a 1/2 in. drive ratchet to turn the plug out of the back with darn near no effort at all!! Replaced the old rubber buffer and reassembled with the same tool. Job took about 3 minutes with the right tool. Hope some of you guys benefit from this.
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Date Added: 02/04/2005 by DR ZERO
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