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BJB SKS Recoil Buffer
[102 / BJB SKS]


I was skeptical at first about the SKS buffer, as I have had not so good of luck with buffers in the past. I installed the SKS Recoil Buffer in an SKS that previously exhibited recoil spring wear. I had replaced the recoil spring and decided to test the SKS Recoil Buffer on a whim.

I was concerned about "short stroking", as about 0.25" of bolt travel is lost due to the installation of the buffer; however, the bolt cleared everything (trigger disconnect) and reset the trigger with no problem. The proof was in the shooting.

Needless to say, I am impressed with the SKS's performance with the Recoil Buffer installed. Absolutely no problem with the cycling of the firearm, no failure-to-feed or failure-to-eject using various types of ammunition (FMJ, JP, and SP). Best of all was the reduction in felt recoil, which kept me and the rifle on target for quicker follow-up shots. In fact, I just ordered six more buffers (two for my Son-in-Law to try in his SKS) and four for myself as spares for my SKSs.
Date Added: 12/09/2012 by Daryl Dempsey
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