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BJB AK-47 / 74 Recoil Buffer
[101 / BJB AK47]


I was and still am fairly impressed with this buffer. Installation (including the field stripping) takes all of a minute and a half, and it easily slips onto all types of AKs and Saigas. I used this on an AK converted Saiga 7.62 this summer and really loved it, and then when I got an Arsenal I bought one of these as well. I took it to the range (November, Alaska) and fired about 400 rounds down range, no problem. I noticed after taking the rifle apart, however, that the buffer had split on the very top, but it did not fall apart, or even fall off the spring. I'm going to use a soldering gun and try to fix it, however it still works being split. I guess the only weakness of these things is a temperature lower than 10 degrees.
Date Added: 12/03/2009 by Joshua Austin
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