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What is a Recoil Buffer?          

The continued metal-to-metal hammering and contact that occurs each time your weapon is fired will eventually cause fatigue, stress, and disfigurement to the action parts and could eventually crack the receiver. A recoil buffer is an affordable and easy to install accessory that absorbs much of the impact energy between the bolt-carrier and the rear of the receiver.

Some of the benefits of installing a recoil buffer will be a quieter/smoother action, reduced impact damage to action parts, added control over muzzle bounce, quicker follow-up shots and increased service life of your weapon.

BLACKJACK Recoil Buffers

The development of the BLACKJACK AK-47 recoil buffer came about after I had installed a competitor's recoil buffer in my own AK and subsequently started to experience jams and miss-feeds. I soon realized that their 1/2" thick recoil buffer had altered the cycle stroke too much and that what I needed was an improved recoil buffer that would allow the action to cycle closer to how it was originally designed.

BLACKJACK Recoil Buffers are ultra thin urethane buffer pads designed to fit many popular makes of military type firearms such as the Kalashnikov family (AK-47, AK-74, Galil, Mak-90, Saiga, Valmet, VEPR), AR-180, FN/FAL, FNC, MAC-10\11, SKS, SVD, Thompson, UZI, Marlin Camp Carbine, MP-5, Ithaca 51, CZ-75\85, Beretta B-92, Ruger Mini 14\30, Sten, Franchi Black Magic, Franchi SPAS-12 and others.

Although my AK recoil buffers are only 1/4" thick, they offer superb reliability, protection and durability. Unlike other recoil buffers that require the dissassembly of the recoil spring assembly, my recoil buffers easily install over the spring assembly and can quickly be changed from one weapon to another in just a few seconds.

Please make yourself welcome here, browse around and if you have questions regarding any of the products that I make or sell please feel free to drop me an e-mail or give me a call. As you can see, I currently offer many additional weapon accessories aside from recoil buffers and have many more still to come, so please check in often and see what's new.




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