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BJB Thompson MG Recoil Buffer
[113 / BJB TMG]


Information for use in semi-auto thompson variants.

I installed this buffer in an Auto Ordnance semi-auto M1. This buffer was designed for the full auto machine gun, and so, it required a bit of modification. First, I shaved about 1/16" off of the flat side. I then enlarged the hole in the center to about 9/16th inch. With this modified buffer installed, with the flat side toward the top of the receiver, and the flange of the firing pin pilot inside the hole (forward of the recoil spring guide), the rifle appears to function correctly. I have not had a chance to fire it with live ammo, but I have function tested it with dummy rounds, and there is still enough bolt travel to strip and cycle properly, and for the hold open latch to function.

All Auto Ordnance semi-auto models have basically identical internals, so I imagine this would work for other models as well.
Date Added: 06/23/2005 by Soren Koelling
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